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Tim Wolverson Fitness Bio

I got fat!

Really fat!

And I looked ill.

I probably was.

Then I went on a diet and lost over 4 st. A calorie deficient diet with no exercise at all that dropped my mass from 16st to 11st 10lbs. A very good friend of mine reckoned I looked like a “skinny cripple”, and looking back on the photographs of me then, his description of me was pretty accurate – albeit a tad scathing.

Yes, I had lost weight. But a lot of the mass that had perished was clearly muscle.

I got addicted to dieting and I ignored my friend’s affectionate taunts. I reached 10st 2lbs; a look my wife did not like at all despite my BMI being where it should be.

That was in 2010. And it’s at this point where I discovered the benefits of exercise. Cardio exercise appealed to me first because I was obsessed with calories and how much I could burn by rowing, cycling and cross training. Rowing was my favourite activity then.

Not long after starting my fitness regime I noticed muscles poking through my skin in places I had never seen them before. And I liked the look. I started weight training.

Weight training / strength training has become my favourite activity with running taking a secondary role. I’ve put on good weight over the years by paying special attention to my diet and how I exercise.

I’m a lean figure nowadays and extremely strong, yet I look very slim. My BMI is in the fat range but everyone I know thinks I’m under-weight! I feel confident wearing tight clothes and for the first time in my life, clothes actually fit me properly.

I am passionate about nutrition, diet and exercise. Almost obsessed! They’re important factors in my life that I would not want to give up having got this far.

-To bench press x1.5 my own body weight, 5 reps
-To squat x1.5 my own body weight, 5 reps
-To row x1.5 my own body weight, 5 reps
-20 Consecutive pull ups (extremely wide grip)
-Achieve BF% < 14%

-20 Consecutive pull ups (shoulder-width grip)
-100 Consecutive push ups
-200 Consecutive squats (own body weight)
-Bench press x1.2 own body weight 1RM
-Barbell squat x1.2 own body weight, 5 reps
-Barbell row x1.0 own body weight, 5 reps
-Running 10K regularly (10min/miles)